Stylish Beginnings

In 2003, it started with a dream. A longing to bring creativity to the world. A desire to unite marketing and design in a tangible way. For Mirvik, screen printing for brands like J.Crew, Victoria’s Secret and Ecko was a great start.

Mirvik has since evolved into a hub for custom uniforms and merchandise. With top-quality textiles and a sharp eye for design, there’s no doubt that your staff will be excited to represent your brand. Years of hands-on experience in printing, design and apparel mean that Mirvik understands market trends and is able to deliver pieces that are at the cutting edge of fashion. No challenge goes unmatched. No design idea goes unturned. Whatever you throw at them, they will be ready.

In-house Production

Everything is better when it’s handcrafted with love. From administrative tasks to the design house to the print shop, all the Mirvik magic happens under one roof. This translates to a harmonized vision and a seamless process from conception to final product.

What does this mean for clients? Competitive pricing for unique, high-quality products that are right on trend. Design development that goes above and beyond the tired uniform manufacturing routine. A burning desire to get to know YOUR brand so that it can be reflected in the truest way. In-house production means that Mirvik can be proud of every article that gets printed, stitched and folded. We think you’ll feel the same.

Easy Breezy Ordering

Franchisees are often faced with the problem of building their own business while adhering to strict company guidelines. For Mirvik, placing uniform orders by email and hoping they come in on time is an unnecessary hassle that can be avoided with today’s technologies.

Introducing easy ordering. Equipped with their own username and password, Mirvik clients can log into a personalized online boutique that is stocked with all the approved merchandise for their brand. Forgot something? You can modify your order. Want to know when it’ll arrive? You can check the status. Everything you’ve ever wished for in a uniform manufacturer comes true with Mirvik.

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  • I discovered MIRVIK’s products whilst dining out; I reached out and the service from day one, actually from minute one was very attentive and responsive, they took the time to listen to our needs, and custom made the solution for us. The uniforms are an essential part of our culture and look, the staff feel very proud to wear their uniform and we get constant requests from guests to purchase them. Thank you MIRVIK, a true Montreal brand

    O.A. - Director of Operations TAVERNE 1909 MODERNE

  • Our experience with MIRVIK has been a special one.  We work in the restaurant industry and sometimes things are last minute and one must accommodate.  MIRVIK makes us feel the same exact way… accommodating, special, attentive and gets the job done.  We have collaborated on all 4 of our businesses to date and can only see that this relation will be growing as the years go by

    Michele Forgione - Executive Chef/Co Owner IMPASTO, Pizzeria GEMA/Chez TOUSIGNANT/Aliments Faita Forgione

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